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Magic Submitter Article Rewriter Tool Review

There is not much in the number of tools that has passed me by, not even the Magic Submitter article rewriter tool. Ever since I used it for the first time, I have never looked back.

Once I engaged in a churn and burn experience where I spammed my money site for fast but short-term money gain and I dare say that the Magic Submitter tool really did it for me, and I earned a good income before Google caught up with me and sent my site to oblivion.

But that was the overall plan on my side all along, so I did not actually feel the pinch.

Now, before you go thinking that this article rewriter tool is going to harm your business, that is really not what I mean.

I have used it successfully for my money sites, although I did not use it directly. I used it on my PBNs which I use a lot to drive traffic to my site and to other tier 2 sites.

I will not lie to you that I have not used this tool directly on my money site because I am a bit too cautious.

How the article rewriter tool works

It is not complicated really because this tool scours the internet for articles in your niche and then it will rewrite these articles, meaning spin them in a way to look different, but not rewrite them in the efficiency of the human hand.

After that, the software will create accounts with different websites and then it will start getting you backlinks from all those websites. These backlinks will be pointed to the site that you have authorized, thus boosting your rank and driving traffic to the site.

The Magic Submitter article rewriter tool will get you so many backlinks without you doing a thing at all. It is an automated software and therefore it will get you thousands of backlinks pointing to your site. Then these backlinks will boost your Google rankings.

Now, if you get traffic for competitive keywords, then it means you will have many conversions and more money in the long run.

Magic Submitter still works even with Google algorithm change

Before Google changed its algorithm and started focusing on quality and quantity to rank sites, the main thing that was required then was to create as many backlinks as possible.

Although this method still works today, back then it was all the rage and the site with the most backlinks could beat all the others to the top of the SERPs.

To get these backlinks, you would have to submit many articles to article directories, other websites and so on. Doing this manually could tire you crazily and that is why this software was created – to automate the entire process.

When I launched a new website, I have realized that sometimes Google can sandbox the website for up to four months.

However, I earn my living online and sometimes I just cannot wait for that. Thus, I find the Magic Submitter article rewriter tool very useful for driving the initial early traffic to my site, and then later on, I do not use it.

I find it very easy to use. Just choose your settings, what you need and then it will do the rest of the work for you. It works if you pursue links in your ranking strategy and I can assure you from the many times that I have used it, it is not a scam at all.


The cost is high, all of $67 per month, but then if fast link building is part of your ranking strategy, you will not feel the pinch at all.


Coupled with my Long Tail Pro tool, I have been able to use the Magic Submitter article rewriter tool to effectively bring me traffic.

It is automated, thus you just set it and you are done. It is easy to use, and the best thing is that it does all the work for you, as you relax.

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