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Power Suggest Pro Review – Why Is this the Best Keyword Research Tool?

Once again, I found myself in the market looking for the best keyword research tool. Having run my own affiliate websites before, I had decided to expand my business to start offering SEO services to local and international businesses.

Having been through a few nasty Google updates that sent my businesses staggering a couple of times, I knew I was increasing my risk by taking on other people’s sites to rank them on the big five search engines.

However, a man who does not try new challenges every now and then is almost as good as dead. And so I was game, and I was ready to enroll in this new journey.

When Rod, a man I had worked with many times before when I started out in my affiliate marketing business, suggested that I try the Power Suggest Pro keyword research tool, I took his advice and ran with it. Today, I am glad I did because this tool has helped me cover a lot of SEO ground.

See the actual search phrases people are using

Power Suggest Pro is the best keyword research tool because it was designed by people who know how Google and the other search engines work. Ok, no one can purport to know how Google works, but when it is about keywords, Google itself lets people know what many people are searching for.

However, the Power Suggest Pro tool does not only work to find what Google says people are doing. It digs beyond that and comes up with the descriptive keywords just as people typed them in the search engines.

This tool is created on the premise that every time a person goes online to search for something, it is because they are seeking for a solution to a certain problem that they have. Thus, they are looking for information first before they can buy. But every competitor knows this. This is why I needed a tool that would help me know the actual terms and phrases that the people are searching for.

The best keyword research tool has awesome features

One of the features that I really love about the Power Suggest Pro tool is the wildcard search where I can just a type a phrase, leave a blank and let the software do the rest for me.

For example, I can suggest a phrase like “the best…for traveling” and the tool brings me hundreds of suggestions that I could use to fill in the blank. All of these are things that people are looking for.

Effective content creation for your website

When I was starting out in affiliate marketing, I would build great content for my websites, but they would not rank. I later learned that the reason for this was that my keywords were so poorly researched. However, with the best keyword research tool, I can gather many keywords and key phrases that people are typing into the search engines when searching for information.

Once I have the key phrases, I then commence to create fresh and 100 percent unique content for the keywords, and I use them naturally in my content a few times. With that done, I just publish the content on my blog and then wait for Google to do the rest for me.

Better than Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner lets you have just nuggets, and then it keeps the real meat for the people who use Google Adwords. Power Suggest Pro thus comes in beautifully to fill in the gap that GKP leaves gaping.


It does not display the search volume of the keywords that it digs up. However, as I just copy the keywords to Google Keyword Planner to get the volume, I have no problem with this.


This is the best keyword research tool to use since it is so simple, it is a premium tool meaning you have to pay for it, but I can assure you that the fee is definitely worth it.

Combined with another great tool, the Long Tail Pro, this business just became easier.

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